Where can I see my current and previous orders?

Where can I see my current and previous orders?

A restaurant can check the orders in their device or in the restaurant portal manager under Orders:

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    • Why is an alternate contact needed for orders?

      Sometimes a customer does not answer and may lead to failure of order. It generally happens in a delivery order. A customer’s alternate number increase higher accuracy in delivering orders and a better experience.
    • How do I adjust the preparation or lead time for future orders?

      Generally customers place orders for the same day, but many time it has been observed customers also want to place advance orders also for a specific date. The reason could be they have some kind of meeting or party, but whatever the reason, we have ...
    • How do I issue refunds on the iMenu360 ordering platform?

      Refunds can be made partially as well as entirely. Note - Only prepaid orders can be partially refunded. Full Refunds Full refunds can be made by canceling the order. Once the order is canceled, refunds are automatically initiated. You can cancel the ...
    • How do I check order details?

      You can check the order details from the tablet as well as from the Restaurant Manager portal. From the Tablet Note- You will only be able to see the orders on the same day. To check the order details on the tablet, please follow the below-mentioned ...
    • Where do I find order and location data?

      If a restaurant has more than one location, orders and location data are under the same login. You can start by clicking on Orders then click Search. You can sort by date and choose the correct location.