How do I update my business hours?

How do I update my business hours?

To update the business hours or to customize the schedule for different days, login to the portal -> Hours -> Manage hours -> Manage Schedule -> Create New or simply select Schedules-> Modify and confirm -> Go back to Manage Restaurant Hours -> Change Schedule -> Apply according to day -> Save it and Update website. Updating website is the last and most important for every process otherwise changes will not apply.


Do not forget to hit the Update Website.

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    • How can I update my sales tax?

      To update the sales tax, email to us at or call our customer support line.
    • Where do I find my customer data?

      Go under the heading Customers. Restaurant can use customer contact details to run any promotional activity to increase their business. It’s a very helpful tool for business growth.
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      If your restaurant closes early or for a holiday, you should run an alert stating you are closed for the day due to some reason or you are closed for a holiday. Create an alert, with a time frame, and run: Hit on the name or particular location. Save ...